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Guide for training and job

After the first phase of arriving in Germany, many refugees start to think about their career, which they possibly had started in their home country. No matter if they had already practised a profession or if they were undergoing training and had to break it off because of their flight: In Germany, refugees have to adapt themselvs to a very different education and employment system from that of their country.

Achieving total integration is a long process which depends on the personal skills. In order to do this, they need to overcome many obstacles such as language tests, recognition of certificates, alternative study programmes with different admission requirements and, of course, ensuring their subsistence (SGB II & III. BAFöG, Stipendien). For this reason, many entities provide guidance and advice on these matters.

The grafic aims to help understand the process of choosing a career and its most important phases, components and alternatives.

This information is addressed to refugees over 18 years old who are not obliged to attend school anymore. It is not at all intended to replace profesional advice but to support it. The figures are meant to offer refugees some guidance, which will in turn show them their actual position within the integration process.