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Profession filmclips (IHK)

Amusing and entertaining: that is how we demonstrate the many options for getting started with your personal career. We show job profiles that are easily accessible for refugees. Many companies are now looking for talented young people to start their apprenticeship.

Education and practical work, making your own money, achieving something in a team: all this can strengthen the self-confidence and linguistic ability of young people with or without a migration background – and it can also increase the economic power of the region.

The interviews with trainees show their enthusiasm for their profession: enthusiasm for what they learn and do on a daily basis. However, they also provide information about professional life, job-specific competencies and the challenges in the working world.

Client/Partnership: IHK Saarland; local enterprises

Goal: show the German dual training system; introduce versatile and new job profiles
(eg.. building industry, catering, metalworking industry); show free apprenticeship and career opportunities

Duration: 4:30

Languages: DE, AR (Subtitles: EN planned)

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