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Saarbruecken filmclips

For the city of Saarbrücken, we developed a modern and direct way to connect with immigrants and refugees, to give them important information, and to explain formal processes.

For better integration, we explain the different rules and regulations through clear and simple (visual) communication. We also show some aspects of the German way-of-life, not in an overly serious manner, to avoid prejudice on both sides.

Many links and URLs to websites and documents help people to get informed and to get involved, to become a part of society.

A simple system of colors and an appealing icon design enable the visitors to find their way around easily.

Client/Partnership: city of Saarbrücken

Goal: a warm “welcome” and improved workflow for administration, town hall and institutions; direct link to assistance and support pages and networks

Duration: 2:30

Languages: German, English, Arabic, Tigrinya

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