fugee films

What to do in case of fire, domestic violence or illness at the weekend? Where can I find the nearest pharmacy or hospital emergency room? Who can I trust, for example, if I am experiencing family problems?

We show the emergency numbers and addresses for various emergency situations and enable the refugees to take the necessary steps.

Animations and pictograms work as a clear and fast-trackable stylistic tool that works across language barriers.

Client & Partnership: Foundations, health care; aid organizations

Goal: Important information for medical and mental emergencies, health and childcare issues, family help

Duration: je 2:30

Languages: DE, AR, TY  (Subtitles: EN planned)


Wir sind ein Kollektiv aus Designern, Redakteuren und Filmern. Unser Team ist international besetzt, die gemeinsame Heimat das Saarland. fugeefilms bündelt und gestaltet Informationen für Geflüchtete und Migranten in einem neuen, konsequent mehrsprachigen Format.