fugee films

Contract & legal advice filmclips

How do I make a mobile contract agreement? What deadlines are relevant for me? What is to be considered in the case of housing, relocation or new employment?

Step by step, we give answers to the basic questions and show the stumbling blocks. Frequent mistakes that refugees make out of naivety can be avoided from the beginning.

Animations and pictograms are not an embellishment, but are part of a clear, visual communication strategy that works across language barriers.

Client & Partnership: foundations, consumer center; aid organizations

Goal: Important information and tips for making purchase and employment contract agreements, help and advice for apartment seekers and new tenants.

Duration: 4:30

Languages: DE (Subtitles: AR, EN planned)

Wir sind ein Kollektiv aus Designern, Redakteuren und Filmern. Unser Team ist international besetzt, die gemeinsame Heimat das Saarland. fugeefilms bündelt und gestaltet Informationen für Geflüchtete und Migranten in einem neuen, konsequent mehrsprachigen Format.