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WEBiTIPP is a new transmission format for consumer protection, issued on Facebook. Credit cards, cell phone contracts, problems with debt collection … various topics are explained in German and Arabic, specifically for refugees and migrants. Current questions can be inserted directly into the live-stream

Information transfer is our first priority. All contents were clarified with the consumer centers in advance. There are three to maximum five WEBiTIPPs: these are practical tips and tricks on the core issue. The WEBiTIPPS and other important content are processed graphically and editorially. Shortly after the broadcast, they are available on the facebook channel.

The development of the format places great emphasis on an entertaining and unusual way of conveying information. Various styles such as video-inserts, pop-up signs and humorous German-Arabic pun keep the format interesting.  Mwoloud leads the program with his lively, friendly and ironic-funny way.

The special feature of WEBiTIPP is the possibility to get in touch with the audience: live and directly. During the show, the host will start direct calls to the audience. It is to be encouraged to participate actively. Questions can be answered during the show, concerns of the audience will be taken into consideration in upcoming programs.

Client & Partnership: Consumer Center Saarland

Goal: to provide information on the most important consumer protection topics; presentation of the Consumer Center(s)

Languages: DE, AR