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The encounter of cultures makes everything messy. The ZORES Flashmob shows what beauty can come out of the chaos. 2017, our founding year, is also a “super election” year in Germany. So we took to the streets to take advantage of the political climate and send a message.

ZORES is an initiative of the Saarland artisans and those interested in the arts, with or without a cursory experience, who have made it their task to show the new artistic and tolerant way of living in the Saarland area!

As the NPD forged plans based on fears of newcomers at their annual party convention in Saarbrücken, we danced “Dabke” to show how much we love our charming, talkative, and open-minded Saarland.

Our conclusion: Saarland and oriental culture are a good match, and not only in marketing for the thermal baths. There is also something happening in the streets.

Client & Partnership: ZORES

Goal: dancing against right-wing fundamentalism; mutual contact; a lot of fun

Duration: 3:05

Languages: DE, AR, TY, EN